04 May 2009

A Most Pleasing Ghost Story

A shoutout to Mr. Fweem for conjuring McBroom's Ghost. I remember this book very well, though I'd forgotten the title. Actually, I just remember keenly the illustration of villainous Heck Jones imperiously eating his shoofly pie. Nowhere else have I ever seen pie eating portrayed as an act of intimidation. It is a small stroke of genius.

As a foodie adult thinking back on it, for several years I've been wanting to try shoofly pie. I have little chance of finding it locally. These kinds of traditional pies are rarely sold commercially. They've even quit stocking mince pie at my local Smith's, which I'm am very sorry about (I still look every time, and hope). But it does not look hard to make. I expect I'll have to give it a go myself.

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