11 June 2009

Heatin' Up the Game(s)

I wrote about the iPhone/Touch phenomenon last week just ahead of the new iPhone 3G S launch, and speculated that the next Touch would be a must-have. And I'm sticking to that. The next gen Touch and Nano will probably not be out until September, but we now have the hardware specs for new iPhone, and it rocks.

TouchArcade gives us a detailed look under the hood and we find a major revision of the CPU core and GPU. In brief, the core gets a 188MHz bump in speed, which is nice, but that is just part of a massively revised architecture that is more powerful and efficient. I'm guessing at least 50% more powerful. Even more exciting is the GPU revision, the graphics engine. It should produce 3.5x-7x the geometry throughput and 25%- 150% more pixel bandwidth than the original iPhone, depending on how they clock it. And it will be OpenGL ES 2.0-capable, meaning, programmers can make even better graphics for it.

The article ends by noting, "It may look like just the same old iPhone on the outside, but under the hood it's a screamer. Sony and Nintendo have good cause to shift from worry to fear as this hardware makes its way into users' hands. The PSP has nothing on Apple's latest mobile game console."

Look for all this hardware under the hood of the next Touch, likely out end of summer. I know I'm starting to save my pennies.

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