28 June 2010

I'm Back. More or Less.

When I closed up shop nine months ago, it was mostly out of sheer busyness. I'm not any less busy, but I'd like to meet anyone who is less busy now than they were last year. That's just not the nature of modern life. But I miss my blog, mostly 'cause I like reading what write. It's the only kind of journal I'll ever keep. Evidence of my existence.

I'll continue to mostly blog on my geeky leisure interests, since I am my own primary reader, and I like reading this stuff as well writing it. (Vanity?) I guess I could write political commentary, or haiku, or something Important or Serious, but I have no passion for Important or Serious things, except in occasional and small doses.

Anyway, perhaps the world needs more haiku, but definitely not more political commentary. Hmmm, haiku. Maybe camera haiku.


Tani said...

Um, pretty sure Tasha is evidence of your existence. But blogging is good too.

Mister Fweem said...

Yay! Carl's back. And you know what, it's not vanity. It's a sanity thing, a little sounding board that others can look at as well. I find blogging handing for sorting things out, reminding myself to do things, and as a place to put interesting things to read. It's kind of like a public bit of cloud computing.

carl g said...

It does feel like a sanity thing. And that's really the only reason to write a blog; you're happier doing it than not.

He's a question for Fweem to blog on: Was Hastings doing good reporting or simply being exploitative and sensationalistic by publishing McChrystal and co.'s (pretty mild) trash talk? David Brooks tends to think the latter; many others say it was fearless reporting. Hastings himself says, "Hey, this is how soldiers just are."

Mister Fweem said...

I've already babbled about the McChrystal thing a bit: http://misterfweem.blogspot.com/2010/06/politico-military-complex.html

I think it's good reporting. If he had done this during the Bush administration, you'd see a complete about-face in the way this is being treated by other media outlets. Hastings and McChrystal would be heroes, and Bush/Cheney the apprentice/Sith Lord who can't bear to have someone criticize them. But how dare either speak ill of Savior Obama?