28 August 2010

Forgotten Shoes [Payson 3/52]

There are some ABCs painted on the a bike path next to a playground by my house. I was riding by and saw these shoes left carefully in the hollow of the A, no children anywhere in sight. It struck me as a wonderful bit of found art (click!) representing childhood's little misunderstood dramas. The drama occurred with the owner's mother when she went home shoeless. But for her this was the most visually appropriate place to leave her shoes, while she ran in the grass or played in the creek. She could not have been more correct.

Forgotten Shoes [Payson 3/52]

Addendum: This photo was invited to be added to the Flickr group Lost shoes (baby or children). My first invitation! And I think the very existence of this group proves my theory that if you can imagine it, there is a group for it on Flickr.

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Mister Fweem said...

I love a photo that tells a story, and this one certainly does. I did a shot like this several years ago when I was working for the paper in St. Anthony. Someone had abandoned a work boot and left it upside down on a fence post. I wish I still had a copy of that one, but the paper was pretty tight with prints.