05 February 2009

Touched: Solebon Solitaire

I mentioned in my review of Mondo Solitaire a competing game, Solebon Solitaire. I did in fact get it and have been testing them in a head-to-head smackdown. The winner? Undecided. Mondo has many more games, an insane number, but Solebon is adding more with every update. Mondo is a little more automated (it moves cards where they should go for you), which may be a pro or con, depending on preference. The big difference is graphics. Solebon uses a vertical screen orientation rather than horizontal, as Mondo does. The cards are also larger and the graphics a bit nicer. I find the instructions a bit better, too. And for $2.00, I can't imagine anyone feeling they did not get their money's worth. Disappointingly, neither of these solitaires just has my favorite variant, Australian Patience.

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