31 January 2009

Touched: Mondo Solitaire

So, what is it with me and reviews? What can I say. I like reading 'em and writing 'em. But at least I'm not reviewing another set of headphones. At least today.

I've been really loving my iPod Touch. At night I get in bed, put on some soothing tunes (Fleet Foxes!), and play a game for a bit to unwind. Touch Physics was great for a while, but it's just hard enough not to be entirely relaxing. Now I'm really grooving on Mondo Solitaire.

This actually surprises me. Every computer has it, everyone has played it, but I've never been a big fan of solitaire. I'm a serious computer gamer, which means (almost by definition) I'm not a casual gamer, and have never liked casual games. But this version of solitaire is very well implemented. Graphically, if it is not Hardwood Solitaire, the ultimate solitaire for the PC, it still looks good, given the screen territory the programmers had to work with. It is very easy to play with the touch screen, though occasionally my fat fingers make it a bit hard to see exactly what I'm poking at. And it has every conceivable variation of solitaire (over 100, they say). I picked it up on a 99 cent sale over Christmas. It is now back at $5.00. If that's a bit too much bank for a card game, or you just want something basic, then Sol Free Solitaire is both free and very good. I like its graphics even better than Mondo's, but of course, it has fewer games (just five). I note that the full version, Solebon Solitaire (35 games), is now priced at $1.99. I may just have to try it . . .

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