12 January 2009

Noir, Jim Noir

But no, he is not a private eye. I came across him on an old Best of list from '06, which said of his Tower of Love: "Sure, Jim Noir — the mysterious Mancunian in the bowler hat — has practically cut-and-pasted bits of Pet Sounds into his gentle pop pastiche. But this charming man gets an 'A' for effort. After all, it's actually hard to ape the Beach Boys at their most psychedelic, and Noir's cloudlike choruses and clever couplets stoke pop's eternal flame in a most enchanting way. Plus he did it all himself." I went thence and imeemed him, and indeed, this artist breathes new life into the most flowery sixties pop. He makes want to drive straight to Haight-Ashbury and join in the new Flower Power revival. Take a listen.

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