14 July 2010

One and a Half Benjamins

I blogged a couple weeks ago about self-publishing through POD services like Blurb. That's great if you want to sell your work on dead trees, but what about self-publishing ebooks? Self-publishing your ebook on Amazon or iBookstore is actually a bit difficult. They are set up to serve commercial publishers, not authors themselves (at least, yet), and formatting your book for ebook distribution require some know-how.

provides both print and ebook formatting and publishing services for authors at very reasonable prices. It will publish your ebook to all major platforms for $150, including "Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, iPad, Sony eReaders, and the entire Ingram Network." Then they collect payments and send you the royalty check. On a typical $9.99 ebook, you earn $5.60 per copy. Sell just thirty copies, and you are well into the black. And ebook buyers are currently on a bit of a binge.

All you really need is an irresistible title, like the absurdly popular ebook, Sh*t My Dad Says. Its success is only made more absurd by being based on a lowbrow TV series starring William Shatner. Yes, that William Shatner.

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