13 November 2008

I'm Not Really a Big Nirvana Fan

But I have to say that the first time I heard Nevermind it really blew me away. So much angst, so perfectly set to music. I've always liked art with a dark edge, and grunge had it. I heard Pearl Jam's Ten that same year, from the same friend in the same apartment, and Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden, all about the same time. A Mennonite friend may have sent Alice in Chains my way (seriously), but Soundgarden I found on my own. It was, and is, grunge perfection. (I like Stone Temple Pilots more, but debate their grunge credentials . . . but that's another post.)

I named this blog on a whim, not really thinking of Nirvana at the time, but I did like the overtones of melancholy, madness, and drug-induced psychosis. Not because I suffer from them, but because they are at the root of so much human creativity. I'm too sane and content to be strikingly creative, but one can always dream. And lithium can produce strange dreams. So, to suit the name, I can at least guarantee you strangeness.

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