13 March 2009

Enrichment Night Activity?

My High Priest group leader sent this around to all of us, bearing the caption, "Wyoming Relief Society Meeting," without further explanation. I'm not sure what official source this came from, but he is my priesthood leader and I'm sure his description must be accurate. Is this some kind of church pilot program? Will sisters in Utah also be having NRA-themed Relief Society functions?

Unfortunately, this is a prime example of unsafe gun handling. One woman has one forefinger on the trigger and is pointing her gun at the other. Another is loading her gun while pointing it at her friend. I support RKBA, but I must reluctantly admit that perhaps guns should kept out of Enrichment Night.

(Just to give you an idea of the kind of ward I live in. As I've said, I remind ward members occasionally that I like guns, which is both true and an effective smokescreen for my liberalism. And yes, if you're not a Mormon, none of this makes sense.)


Ahna said...

You are kidding, right? No, this is not a Relief Society Enrichment Night. I think the email was meant as a joke. The picture looks old, and at any rate, the women don't strike me as Mormon in any way.

carl g said...

Most definitely kidding. And I'm still not sure how funny the joke was.