25 March 2009

Everyone Likes a Quitter

At least when they work at AIG. Or so the comments about this resignation letter of an AIG exec generally indicate. It is not a bad letter, really, and one might even rightly feel sympathetic. Until you remember that this gentleman has made millions just pushing around other people's money. Much of which has now disappeared while, as he admits, he still has his.

One commenter muses: "My father is an ironworker and so was my grandfather. My uncle, as a carpenter, builds beautiful staircases. I also work with my hands. For the life of me I still can't figure out what AIG makes that justifies the $700,000 bonus this man received." Indeed.

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Mister Fweem said...

Yeesh. So he's well off enough financially he can walk away from this train wreck of an economy with head held high. And he might donate his bonus to chairty, minus any amount the feds might choose to tax it. I'd use my platinum-plated, ruby-encrusted violin to play this man and his ilk a sad little song, but, well, I can't afford one. Even after taxes.