28 March 2009

State of the Blog Report

I blog, like most bloggers, mostly as an exercise of self-expression. However, I cannot help but occasionally peek at Google Analytics to see who (if anyone) is visiting TLP. Admit it, we all like being read.

I've posted 53 times this year. Most of my hits are from family, it seems, but I've also had 83 unique visitors directed from Google. My most popular posts by far were Head-Fi Ahoy! and This Little Piggy, directed from searches for "piggy headphone amp" (32 hits!). Clearly I should start making and selling piggy headphone amps. Sadly, I've published professional papers requiring infinitly more effort that I'm certain have been less read.

Next most popular (16 hits) was my review of the JVC HA-FX33/34 headphones, followed by various hits for my other discussions and reviews of audio gear and albums. Jim Noir, in particular, must have more fans than one might suspect (at least 5, besides me). My politics, economy, health and other such posts get basically no referred hits.

I'm a researcher both by nature and profession, but for someone who works with ideas for a living, I have little personal interest in abstraction or simple communication. Anymore, I read very little fiction. I read quite a lot of religion and history, but just professionally. Personally I'm more interested in ideas made concrete, able to be both examined and experienced, such as food or the arts or invention. I have a general interest in industrial design that is strongly expressed in my personal interests. A well-made flashlight may both be highly useful, admirably clever, and an object of functional beauty. The same is also true of, say, Eero Saarinen chairs, but being unable to collect or use those, I'm more inclined to research and admire (even if more prosaic) a great flashlight or a fine pair of headphones.

Given that what I most like to write (reviews and such) is what googlers most like to read, I'm encouraged to do something I've been thinking about for a while. I'm going to go thick into gear topics for the next bit, starting first with a knife month in April, perhaps spilling into May. I'm short on time and will only post a couple times a week. But who knows, aside from the simple pleasure of it, maybe I'll produce another "piggy headphone amp"-caliber hit.

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